Just wanted to add a post, as the last one was quite some time ago now. Charlotte it still working on Lash La Rue, unfortunately I now work at EA (although of course that’s not a bad thing, it’s a really good thing) and find it hard to find the time for Lash as well.

However the creators of Lash La Rue will be taking part in the Ludum Dare 48 hour game jam this weekend, what we post shall be put up on here as well.

We are also taking part in next years Global Game Jam in January, although this year our venue is likely to be in London at Qantm College but we look forward to taking part again. All information on the Global Game Jam can be found on their website


No, we haven’t disappeared, Lash La Rue is still going, unfortunately our main artist/designer has been extremley busy with her final project and graduation show, so nothing looks any different, but we’ve got loads of extra content working, except they all use placeholders, my favourite choice of which being, the football… and the teddy bear, I’d show it in pictures, but it would just be embarassing.

Back to the news, we now have two fully working levels with different triggers and challenges for our characters.

If anyone is interested, Lash La Rue will be on show at the Newport Computer Games Design Degree show, taking place during the 29th May to the 5th of June where you will be able to play Lash La Rue in all it’s glory. As well as sample some of my delicious cakes!

Although our game is simply made in game maker, and is taking longer than most people would to make a game, unfortunately we picked a complicated system considering I previously had no experience in coding the engine, but similar to our last great bit of news I have more to share!

Now fully working is our destination screen, along with the jumping fully fixed, and we have a basic fully functioning first level!

I would post up a picture of it, but currently we’re working with a lot of place-holders, and my art is shockingly bad, so it would only make for a good laugh.

Theres still a few less important aspects to be added to the level, but now we can proudly say that we have a level!

Almost four months on and our game has progressed greatly in both production and pre-production stages. With Catherine designated as the lead Designer on the project we have an almost complete design document, as well as the set locations for Lash La Rue’s holiday destinations, and an impressive looking title screen in the works.

On the programming side of things, we’ve managed to flush out many of the problems that we originally had on the project, including interaction and the main actions that our characters carry out, theres still a few issues with collision that haven’t been ironed out, but otherwise things seem to be running smoothly.

From the project management side of things, we are unsurprisingly running behind schedule, but with major graduation projects and one of our programmers not around this is not a surprise, production meetings have been kept up to date, and now that we have an almost ready code for the game it shouldn’t be long until we have a basic build that shows off our original intention of the game.

This blog shall be following the development of the Global Game Jam game Lash La Rue on Holiday featuring Juan the duck. Even though the Game Jam was only for 48 hours, we decided that we would try and make a more polished game out of it.